Concrete Plans (2020) … promoted as a ‘Welsh Horror!’ It was certainly that …

'Wont go into the reason why I watched it ... but I did. It was certainly a Welsh horror, because it was made in Wales and it was so terrible. One word stands out, 'PREDICTABLE.' In football parlance everything about it was telegraphed, ie when a player telegraphs a pass it means that their opponents - us, the viewer -  can see what they intend to do! Know nothing about the director Will Jewell, but there was plenty of derivative 'hard hitting' scenes. Karen Woodham refers to it as "nicely made," whatever that means. 
Two of my favourite Welsh comic actors took part - Steve Speirs and William Thomas - good to see them in work.
Paid! At least the actors got paid

Amber Rose Revah has the most beautiful eyes. Best part of the film. Fascinating parental history: her mother is from a Polish-Jewish family, and her father is from a Kenyan-Indian ancestry. Remember her now in The Punisher and she has also played  Mary Magdala. Once again, good to see actors in work.

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