May 2021 A.D. 


In August 2018, Gay McDougall, a US representative at the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, said that the committee had received many credible reports that ONE MILLION ethnic (MUSLIM) Uyghurs in CHINA have been held in "re-education camps."

By now China has now built nearly 400 internment camps in Xinjiang region, with construction on dozens continuing over the last two years, even as Chinese authorities said their “re-education” system was winding down, an Australian think tank has found.

Many are near industrial parks; there have been widespread reports that inmates at some internment camps have been used as forced labour.
“Camps are also often co-located with factory complexes, which can suggest the nature of a facility and highlight the direct pipeline between arbitrary detention in Xinjiang and forced labour,” the report said.

Beijing insists there are NO HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES in the region. Chinese authorities initially denied the existence of internment camps, then later described them as vocational training and re-education programmes that aim to alleviate poverty and counter terrorism threats.

Palestine: in 2006 Hamas won the democratic elections in Gaza. Since 2007 ISRAEL – supported by EGYPT - started the blockade of Gaza by land, air and sea. 
TWO MILLION (about half of whom are under 18 years old), mostly MUSLIMS, with a minority of Christians, have therefore been suffering and dying long before the Israeli airstrikes began blowing up their homes and neighbourhoods. Dying from the lack of medicine, polluted water, the lack of electricity and the dilapidated infrastructure.

International human rights groups are now precise and decisive in their depiction of Israel’s racist regime, including Israel’s own human rights group, B’tselem. Why does the USA and UK governments not speak out against Israel’s system of racial discrimination and apartheid?    

Why does the Western - ‘Christian world’ – treat this tiny strip of land (25 miles long and on average 6 miles wide, with two thirds of the population of Wales living there) and its inhabitants, with such contempt? 

I have been to the ‘West Bank. I have experienced the arrogance of an Israeli ‘Settler’ and his Uzi submachine gun, in Israel ‘proper.’ A lasting memory on the sea of Galilee!
I’ve never been to Gaza. Let Chris Hedges (American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Presbyterian minister) sum it up:  I know the crimes of the occupation. I have witnessed the carnage: 

1 the food shortages caused by the Israeli blockade,
2 the stifling overcrowding,
3 the contaminated water,
4 the lack of health services,
5 the near-constant electrical outages
due to the Israeli targeting of power plants,
6 the crippling poverty,
7 the endemic unemployment,
8 the fear and the despair.

By the way, Israel does not ‘occupy’ Gaza – it only ‘CONTROLS’ it from the outside! 

China and Israel and their Muslims!

Can you tell me if there is a difference?

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