The unconventional film director Randall Wallace…

The unconventional Randall Wallace. At university he studied Russian, religion, and literature. A karate black belt, to support his graduate year studies, he taught martial arts. 

Randall reminds us that ‘epic’ is not all about size – whether it’s the cast, budget or any ‘physical’ aspects of a production.

‘Epic’ is a measure of the scope of a character’s inner journey.

“The ability to make a film is built upon the sense that there is something inside us that is shared by the people out there who will see our work. And part of the journey of making a film is to encounter those who do not yet see what you see.”

To qualify as epic, a story must have the universality of myth and the enchantment of saga. “An epic is more than an exciting story; it tells us something we’ll always remember; it makes us leave a theatre and whisper into our own hearts, “I’m changed.”

Randall Stone

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