“Be afraid. Be very afraid” 2

Clark Collins wrote in 2018 …

Did you know that the man who actually came up with those chilling words was Blazing Saddles director and legendary funnyman MEL BROOKS whose company Brooksfilms produced the movie? This fascinating fear fact was revealed by Cronenberg himself in the course of Beyond Fest’s recent retrospective tribute to the Canadian horror-meister.

“At one point, Mel was saying, about that particular moment, he said, ’When he says, Don’t be afraid, the answer should be, Yes, be afraid, be very afraid,’” Cronenberg recalled to moderator, fellow director, and Movie Crypt co-host Joe Lynch after a screening of The Fly at Los Angeles’ Egyptian Theatre.

“He wasn’t really giving me dialogue, he was just reacting. And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to put that in the script.’

So let’s say it was a collaboration. BUT IT WAS MEL WHO CAME UP WITH THAT.”

Mel Brooks – 94 years young

IN THE FLY, Seth (Jeff Goldblum) continues to deteriorate, losing body parts and becoming less human in appearance … he soon realizes he is losing his human reason and compassion, DRIVEN BY PRIMITIVE IMPULSES HE CANNOT CONTROL.

As a C21st Uberfly, Don J Trump never had any human compassion to begin with, but he has an arsenal of primitive impulses.

DOK.fest München @home 2020 | #UNFIT. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP | T… https://youtu.be/2XiFh5FW6j8 via @YouTube

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