We’ll both miss Schitt’s Creek – loved every minute

It ranks as a classic now, in the same company as ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES, for the two of us. Excellent in every way. Thanks for such fun and enjoyment during a surreal winter. Thank you Canada.  
"Mercifully, Dan Levy and his writing team are good-hearted souls whose scathing wit and insight are tempered by a humane belief in transformation and even transcendence. (They are Canadian after all.) “Schitt’s Creek” is a morality play" - writes Mary McNamara. And, in our opinion that is the added bonus to the laughter and humour.

There is a tavern …

 Psalm – Georg Trakl - excerpts from

 There is a light, which the wind has extinguished.
 There is a tavern on the heath, which a drunk abandons
 in the afternoon.
 There is a vineyard, black and burnt with holes full of spiders.
 There is a room, which they have whitewashed with milk. 
 The madman has perished. 
 There is an Island of the South Sea, to receive the sun god.
 Drums are beaten. The men lead warlike dances.
 The women hip-sway in creepers and fire-flowers,
 When the sea sings. O our lost paradise.
 The nymphs have left the golden forests.
 The stranger is buried. Then a shimmering rain arises.
 The son of Pan appears as an earth-worker …
 The square before the church is dark and silent, 
 as in the days of childhood …
 And the shadows of the damned decline towards sighing waters.
 In the grave the white magician plays with his snakes.
  Silently above the place of skulls God’s golden eyes are opening. 

Thought is a man in his wholeness

Thought, I love thought.
But not the juggling and twisting of already existent ideas
I despise that self-important game.
Thought is the welling up of unknown life into consciousness,
Thought is the testing of statements on the touchstone of consciousness,
Thought is gazing onto the face of life, and reading what can be read,
Thought is pondering over experience, and coming to conclusion.
Thought is not a trick, or an exercise, or a set of dodges,
Thought is a man in his wholeness, wholly attending.

Resonates with me today … Ring! Ring!

Cilgwyn, ger Carmel (Caernarfon) Llun gan Richard Jones (Photographer)
I'd buy it if I could and do it up ... 
Oh, not to be separated,
shut off from the starry dimensions
by so thin a wall.

What is within us
if not intensified sky
traversed with birds

and deep
with winds of homecoming? (Rilke)

An invalid now ... 
A prisoner now,
One who drew the hardest lot:
In your own shaft
Laboring bent over,
Excavating yourself,
Digging into yourself,
Without aid,
A corpse —
Overpiled by a hundred burdens,
By your overburdens,
One in the know!self-knower!
The wise Zarathustra! ... 
(from Nietzsche's 'Amid Birds of Prey).