Congragulations PARASITE –

Parasite wins Oscar for Best Picture in Academy first as Bong Joon Ho sc… via @YouTube

The South Korean film won four Oscars, including the biggest prize: Best Picture. It became the first foreign-language film to claim the award and the first South Korean film ever to win any Oscar.

Bong Joon-ho, is now one of only two individuals to have won four Oscars in a single night: the other, in 1953, was Walt Disney.

Parasite was madefar from Hollywood! To vote for it is to acknowledge on some level that the world ‘home of the movies’ may no longer be the centre of the cinematic universe.

And llongyfarchiadau (‘congrats’) also to the incredible Joaquin Phoenix.

For his first four years of life, Joaquin was known by his proper family name of Bottom. Then perhaps someone noticed his name sounded like Whackin’ Bottom, and the family renamed themselves

Bong Joon Ho
Joaquin Phoenix

Robbie Collin writes: A 92 year Oscar streak has been broken, an unspoken rule in Hollywood upended. A town renowned for self-obsession has done the unthinkable, and looked outwards.

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