‘The Fugitive Stag’ – playing around with ideas to promote it …

Set in a parallel world almost exactly to ours, ‘The Fugitive Stag’ tells the story of what happens when history and myth become embodied in a single form, that is both goddess and woman … something more than a Muse or Platonic Mistress … someone altogether new.

The Shamanic and Mystical heritage of the Celtic Fringe meets the Exotic world of Global High Fashion and Beauty and a Religious Orthodoxy ‘Hell-Bent’ on winning its Holy War against Heresy … And an ex-Irish Abbess dead …

Goddess and woman conspire in a single numinous form, where there is no separation between the spiritual and the sensual, but something altogether new.

An epic ‘questing’ film, with mythical elements, set in an apocalyptic ‘near-future,’ in a world very similar to ours.

The Fugitive Stag’ is not ‘arthouse’ neither is it a high concept film, and yet … and yet … it has elements of both, in that characters and their struggles are integral to the drama of a ‘goal-driven story’.

An epic story of love, beauty, religious fanaticism, and a secret for which even the most pious would kill, to prevent the world from discovering.

cervus fugitivus anima

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