Champion of the Great Work … another ‘little boy’ …

A seven-year old little boy, who, while a little bit apprehensive at first, runs towards me. I pick him up, resting him on my right side. He is Occidental but with a hint of Oriental in his face.

He informs me that his name is Jason.

‘Something-about-him’ reminds me of those little Oriental boys whom people believe to be a reincarnation of a previous Lama.

Though we have never met before, there is a mature and ‘knowing’ connection between us. He turns out to be Jason of the Golden Hind, and I am informed that he is the ‘Champion of the Great Work’, the alchemical opus.

I then look and see an old Mariner’s chest in pristine condition, with bits of metal and a lamp with a copper base. It is oval, the shape of an egg, or like an acorn in a copper shell.

It is always kept wrapped-up until it is needed.

It is now being fitted onto my new boat, the ‘Golden Hind,’ as it continues on its journey, guided by little Jason!

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