Honey Soil

The Precious Tincture

I have to hide my precious honey. There is no suggestion, at the moment, that the priceless nectar is under threat.  I am to bury it in a section of our garden at Oak Tree House. But not in a container. I am to pour it directly into the soil. It will be totally safe there. Absolutely so. No one would ever imagine that such a treasure would be hiding in such a place! At the chosen time the honey can be extracted or ‘retreated’ out of the soil.

This is true alchemy. A treasure hiding in the dark earth.

But this soil is not filthy or dirty in the conventional sense. It is a celebration of the  wonder of earthiness. The beautiful and natural stuff of fertility and life.

Two very different types of beauty and nourishment: one a symbol of the elixir of the goddesses and gods, the other the most humble of all of creation’s goodness.

Honey and soil coming together. Electrifying. A mutual fertilization, with each bringing something to the other that is unique.

A process totally hidden from the world.


An absolute secret. 

I don’t remember how it happened, but suddenly I am knee deep in the rich beautiful soil.  ‘Beau Solum,’ just as if I was knee deep in the sea, the water of my beloved ‘Beau-Maris.’

I notice an empty green bottle of Mateus Rose, the oldest known type of red wine. It is shining like a beautiful emerald gem deep within the soil. I pick it up and notice that deep flexible dark roots have grown from the bottom, long and sinewy like big worms.

I love worms.

Then the dynamics are reversed, and the roots emerge from the neck or lip of the bottle. As the green bottle absorbs me, I see the words of the Emerald Tablet, ‘As above, so Below.’ It was charged and highly erotic.

And so I have in my possession, an emerald coloured jar or bottle of honey-like nectar, mixed-in with the most pure and fertile soil imaginable.

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