The Road to Calvary -(‘Pilgrimage through Torment’ is a more accurate translation)

12 episode Russian TV series now on Netflix

What can I say? 10/10 on every level. Cast, production, acting, the story, scene setting, costumes etc. Based on the trilogy of novels by the Soviet writer Alexei Tolstoy (d. 1945) and directed by Konstantin Khudyakov. An English translation of his trilogy appeared in 1946.

Alexei Tolstoy a natural story-teller, including science fiction and children’s stories and more than 20 plays
The Four lead Characters

My blog is primarily about screenplay writing and films and the creative process behind them … especially poetry and music. Annap et moi watched this series over a few nights. It was a real feast for the senses. Ardderchog.

the art of filmlacalmette 15 September 2018 Finally, a captivating, artistic series from Netflix. Adaptation of Tolstoy in Russia by Russians. Important to see the perspective of early 20th century art from Russia, where most often we see this explosion of artistic fervor depicted in Paris or other enlightened European cities. Here we see a Picasso in a home in St Petersburg, we watch the debates of the poets in university, we feel the electric change in the air. A nostalgia one feels for the epoch of the poet, the collective draw to the expressions of the artist. And we are given an honest look into the soul of Russia that so transcends political bruhaha. Thanks to whoever got this series to us in the epoch of Ant Man and Spider Man.

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