The Fugitive Stag – one of the myths behind a key scene…

Delacroix’s Jacob and the Angel completed 1861

“In immense silence, 
They measure themselves awhile; 
Each suddenly throws himself upon the other; 
Transported, gripped alike, 
Their threatening arms do bend, 
Pressed flank to flank; 
Like a great, uprooting oak, 
Their trunk leans o’er and sways 
Above their entangled knees.”

Delacroix was maybe inspired by Lamartine’s ‘Poetical Meditations’ which describe the two beings entwined like the knotted trunks of the trees looming over them.

The mural is in the Chapel of the Holy Angels, Church of Saint-Sulpice, Paris based on the story in Genesis 32: 22-32)

Alexander Lopuis Leloir’s version from 1865

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