Screenwriting and dreams

According to the idea of Lucretius, the marvellous divine shapes first stepped out before the mind of man in a dream. It was in
a dream that the great artist saw the delightful anatomy of superhuman existence, and the Greek poet, questioned about the secrets of poetic creativity, would have also recalled his dreams and given an explanation similar to the one Hans Sachs provides in Die Meistersinger.

“My friend, that is precisely the poet’s work – To figure out his dreams, mark them down. Believe me, the truest illusion of mankind Is revealed to him in dreams: All poetic art (maybe we can include screenwriting, here?) and poeticizing Is nothing but interpreting true dreams.”

From Nietzsche’s ‘Birth of Tragedy’ (1872)

The full title is actually ‘The Birth of Tragedy Out of the Spirit of Music …

And I have always loved this line – The beautiful appearance of the world of dreams, in whose creation each man is a complete artist .. and, hopefully each screenwriter as well!

Apollo & Dionysus

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