Expectation …

Maybe another theme to close my ruminations for today? Different ways in which I am ‘expecting ‘… and maybe an unknown collective to which I belong?

Richard Oelze ‘Expectation. 1935-6.

I wonder what he would paint if he were alive in the Summer of 2020?

Die Erwartung or ‘The Expectation’ is his most important and famous work. It depicts a group of people staring into an empty landscape with their backs to the observer. It is regarded by many to be a fundamental picture in the history of painting – although, one of the men is looking towards us …

Carolyn Burke comments on Expectation‘s ominous mood: “it is impossible not to see in the work the years of its composition, 1935-1936, and in the mute backs of its Magritte-like subjects bourgeois refugees already on their way to the death camps.” 

Richard Oelze 1900-1980

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