Reject the ready-made ‘Absolutes’ …

An odd sort of day today, but delighted to come across this phrase by Mina Loy! YES! YES! YES! Reject the ready-made absolutes!

Distinguishing her aims from those of the Catholic Church and Freud, Loy writes: “The aim of the artist is to miss the Absolute —- the only possible creative gesture —- whereas the mystic impulse is to embrace a ‘ready-made’ in the way of absolutes / And the Absolute of this new mechanised mysticism of the Psycho-Analyst is the Unconscious.” 

Linking the Catholic God to the Freudian Unconscious as “ready-made” absolutes, Loy implies that such concepts and the belief systems they engender are received mechanically. 

Mina met Freud in Vienna in the spring of 1922 – and sketched Sigmund.

Sigmund by Mina
Mina Loy by Man Ray 1917

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